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Procrastination can be a problem when it comes to making a will

Anything can happen at a moment’s notice that will change life drastically, and those without an advance directive often leave families in a bad situation following any personal calamity. If you haven’t made a will yet, it’s a good idea to do it so that the California courts aren’t left to make decisions about your personal property and what happens to your children.

Probate avoidance

Personal assets can easily be exposed when an individual dies intestate, which means “dying without a will.” An effective will is a crucial aspect estate administration and probate avoidance that protects as many assets and allows you to decide who they go to.

Providing for your children

Having a will is not just a necessity for wealthy residents of California. Everyone with children should have a will that addresses what should happen to them if you die or are unable to make decisions. Otherwise, state law will be used in assigning child custody, and many times, dependent inheritance could be taken out of their control. A predetermined line of custody can be a vital protection for minor children.

Health directive

Also known as “a living will” when it is filed alone, this is a directive regarding health decisions and medical treatment in the event of an incapacitating injury or disease. A power of attorney over healthcare decisions can be assigned to a trusted individual, which can be a family member or close friend as well as a spouse. Also, a durable power of attorney can be assigned to a capable individual regarding all financial decisions.

These are just a few general reasons that everyone in California should consider establishing a will. Every case is different to some degree, and a will can be crafted with any particular individual concerns in mind.