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Administer A Trust Or Estate Confidently And In Timely Manner

To avoid errors and facilitate a smooth estate administration process, consult with an experienced attorney. Many people believe they may save on legal fees by attempting to handle these matters on their own. However, this is not a good plan for most people, considering these things:

  • It is easy to make costly mistakes.
  • Without a lawyer’s guidance, the process may take longer and is likely to become more complicated.
  • An executor or a trustee may expose themselves to legal challenges such as a breach of fiduciary duty claim by a beneficiary or creditor.

For all these reasons, we, the attorneys at Fridley Law Firm in Brea, California, encourage you to contact a lawyer as soon as you are aware of the need. Some people find it beneficial to get legal advice even before a death occurs. Doing this helps ensure that no steps are omitted. It is also helpful when the deceased person is a close family member and natural emotions might get in the way of carrying out duties efficiently. We are here to take burdens from an executor or trustee, including addressing any disputes that may lead to litigation.

Trustworthy Guidance For The Nuts And Bolts Of Estate Administration

Many individuals and families are taken by surprise by the many details that require attention and resolution to settle an estate. The final income tax return for a deceased person, for example, can quickly become complicated when essential information is difficult to find. Attorneys Fridley and Mathena help ensure the efficient execution of clients’ estate administration duties.

Selling or transferring ownership of someone’s home may also be problematic for various reasons, including understanding the tax implications of any choices that must be made. Mr. Fridley’s background in real and personal property assessment puts clients in a good position as he walks them through tax implications of property-related aspects of an estate plan, trust or probate process. His involvement in improving property tax laws in California enhances his ability to guide executors and trustees when tax questions arise related to real property that is part of an estate.

Get Answers And Help Now

Wherever you are considering the benefits of estate planning or involved in the administration of a will or trust, we invite you to learn how we can help. Request a consultation at your convenience. Call 714-660-1189 or email the firm through this website to reach our law offices.