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Navigating Conservatorships And Related Controversies

In the words of the California Judicial Branch’s website, “A conservatorship is a court case where a judge appoints a responsible person or organization (called the ‘conservator’) to care for another adult (called the ‘conservatee’) who cannot care for himself or herself or manage his or her own finances.” Many families take this legal path for elders or younger family members with disabilities that keep them from handling their financial affairs independently.

The decision to set up a conservatorship is often the last resort – and, potentially, a breeding ground for disagreements. Unharmonious family dynamics sometimes lead to tension and legal conflicts. Differing viewpoints among different generations or between stepparents and stepchildren may trigger adverse legal actions over conservatorships.

Fridley Law Firm Attorneys at Law in Brea, California, is a source of caring, skillful legal advice for parties to siblings or stepparents and stepchildren who are at odds over a conservatorship. There are often reasonable ways to resolve discord without expensive litigation. However, there is sometimes no choice but to respond assertively to another family member’s confrontational actions or threats.

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Attorneys Scott Fridley and Hope L. Mathena have earned a strong reputation among law firms in Orange County for their effective handling of conservatorship-related lawsuits. Attorney referrals are common and welcome. The lawyers represent clients’ positions faithfully while also honoring the interests of family members who need conservators. Conflicts over a conservatorship may also involve other parties, such as business partners, creditors or parties in real estate transactions. When controversies erupt over a conservatorship or a proposed conservatorship, trustworthy legal counsel is essential.

With a calming approach, our attorneys at Fridley Law Firm Attorneys at Law help families arrive at practical resolutions that respect the rights and well-being of the vulnerable person in question. While family members may be suspicious of others’ motives for pursuing a conservatorship, warring parties can often discover their common ground of concern for a loved one’s well-being. With this shared purpose as a starting point to reconciliation, it is often possible to avert or resolve litigation. When litigation becomes more involved, our trial lawyers can advocate skillfully for clients’ positions.

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