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What is the difference between Conservatorship of the Person and Conservatorship of the Estate?

In California, there is a difference between Conservatorship of the Person and Conservatorship of the Estate. Conservatorship of the Person is designed to ensure that the person has appropriate access to food, shelter, clothing, and access to medical care. Conservatorship of the Estate, by contrast, has to do with paying bills and other financial matters. Having a family member, friend, or another responsible adult appointed as a conservator in California by the Court may help a person unable to care for themselves to get the assistance they require with their health and finances.

How much authority does a conservator have over an incapacitated person?

Conservatorship responsibilities in California may vary depending on the type of conservatorship involved and how much assistance the conservatee requires.

An example of one of the important responsibilities that a conservator may have over a conservatee is making medical decisions on their behalf if a Conservator of the Person. A Conservatorship of the Estate must make financial reports to the Court regularly. Both types of conservatorship may be General or Limited, based on the level of incapacitation. In addition, there are also temporary conservatorships that are most often used on an emergency basis and are limited.

There are many factors that come into play if you or a loved one require a conservatorship. You don’t want to deal with unpleasant consequences that could happen because of poor planning.

Where should you get legal help?

An attorney may be able to help with the conservatorship process. Getting help from an attorney might also help you with any other issues that you may have concerns about.