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Why an Attorney Can Help a Complex Trust Litigation Case

A trust is often viewed as the best way to fairly divide the assets of loved ones who have passed away. A trust fund is established during the individual’s lifetime where the grantor establishes the trustee and beneficiaries. The grantor then works with an attorney to create a trust document that dictates how assets transferred to the fund will be distributed upon the grantor’s death.

The process, at first glance, appears smooth. There are, however, various twists and turns involved in the establishment and execution of a trust that may lead to conflict. You should not face trust litigation without an estate plan law firm in Brea such as that of Fridley Law Firm.

What can lead to trust litigation?
There are a variety of factors that could lead to litigation during the establishment and execution of a trust. The most common factor that leads to a lawsuit involves beneficiaries filing court documents against a trustee. The trustee has a duty to provide transparency throughout the distribution process. A beneficiary may utilize the services of Brea California trust litigation lawyers to help him file a lawsuit if he believes the trustee has acted in bad faith when handling the grantor’s affairs.

Litigation can also arise because of poor drafting. In such an instance, it is neither the trustee nor the beneficiary’s fault that confusion comes to the forefront. It is imperative, though, that both parties seek the help of Brea California trust litigation lawyers to help.

How can an estate lawyer help?
An estate lawyer can thoroughly explain the duties of trustees as well as ensure that all beneficiaries receive their just due as outlined in the trust document. An attorney can also provide defense when trust matters escalate to lawsuits.

Fridley Law Firm is an estate plan law firm in Brea that can help with everything from establishing a trust fund to giving clients legal counsel during litigation. Call us today to schedulec a consultation!

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