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When to Establish Your Will

People often wonder when it is the appropriate time to establish a will. The simple answer to this question is now! Regardless of where you are in your life, it is important to establish a will to address how your affairs are to be handled if you pass away. Our Brea estate plan law firm can help you prepare a will that addresses your situation.

Why should you create a will now?
Because of the uncertainties of life, you should create a will now. A will can set forth how you want your property handled if you die. This includes designating the person to administer your directives. If you have children, then you can also set forth your wishes as to who should be their legal guardian.

By creating a will now, you will reduce the chance of confusion or dispute if you pass away. You can ensure that your wishes are honored.

Is your will permanent?
Because circumstances change and people change their minds, a will can always be modified or revoked. An amendment to a will, called a codicil, can be completed to supplement or change certain parts of an existing will. You may also revoke a prior will altogether and create a new will.

Why should you contact an attorney?
Will dispute attorneys in Brea CA can assess your situation and provide advice about an estate plan. This may include advice about what to include in your will. Will dispute attorneys in Brea CA can help prepare a will that is comprehensive and addresses your situation.

Our Brea estate plan law firm strives to help our clients understand their options and how the law applies. At the Fridley Law Firm, we want our clients to make informed decisions and feel confident about their estate plan. Contact the Fridley Law Firm if you need assistance with a will.

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