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Contesting a Will? Why You Need a Lawyer Present

A will may be contested in certain circumstances to challenge its validity. To properly contest a will, there are procedures that must be followed. A challenge to a will must also be raised within a specific period of time. Our Brea CA estate plan lawyers at the Fridley Law Firm can assist in contesting a will.

What are some ways to contest a will?
There are a variety of ways a will can be challenged. This may include:

  • Lack of a valid signature
  • Insufficient witnesses to the will
  • Lack of competence when the person made the will
  • Evidence of duress or undue influence
  • Evidence that the will was not entered into voluntarily
  • Noncompliance with certain formalities
  • Illegal provisions within a will

If you have concerns about the validity of a will or terms within a will, then you should consider seeking legal advice about your options.

How do you contest a will?
A challenge to a will may be brought within a probate case. In a probate case, an objection can be raised regarding the will. A court hearing would be scheduled where evidence related to the challenge can be presented. Ultimately, a judge would make a decision whether to accept the will or find that it is invalid.

Why should you work with an attorney?
An estate planning law firm in Brea can review a will to determine whether there are valid issues to contest the will. They can help you pursue legal action regarding the issue. Brea CA estate plan lawyers will ensure that your case complies with the proper procedures.

Our estate planning law firm in Brea has experience addressing a variety of issues related to wills. Contact the Fridley Law Firm for advice about wills and your estate planning needs.

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