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Undue Influence? When To Contact An Attorney

We’ve read the stories of seniors being taken advantage of by a friend or relative and having their life savings depleted. Unfortunately, this is a situation that happens all too often. The victims of this crime are often unable to protect themselves from being robbed of their resources.

What Is Undue Influence?

Undue influence is a legal term that describes this kind of elder abuse. When a person has undue influence over another, especially a senior citizen, they create a relationship that benefits them. The person in power takes advantage of the other by using their physical or mental state against them.

When To Contact A Brea Lawyer

If you believe that someone’s under the undue influence of another, don’t wait until the situation becomes worse before intervening. Caregivers, friends, and relatives are often guilty of having undue influence over an elder. Speaking with Brea attorneys will help you determine if legal intervention is necessary.

Why Getting Legal Help Is Important

When a person has undue influence over another, they will convince their victim to give them power of attorney over them. This can open the door to financial chaos, with the perpetrator adding their name to bank accounts, credit cards, and even the deed to the house. Once the damage is done, it may be impossible to recoup any financial losses without a lawyer.

How To Protect The Estate

If there’s a case of undue influence in your family, it’s still possible to protect the assets of the estate by hiring a Brea estate planning attorney. This is a way to ensure that your family member’s will or trust will be written according to their wishes, without the outside influence of someone who has no legal rights to their estate. Consult with a Brea attorney today to safeguard the future of your family’s finances.


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