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Probate | What Shortcuts does your State Offer?

The Shortcuts Probate Affords Clients and Why Hiring A Brea Probate Litigation Attorneys Is Important

Probate is the process where the courts need to determine whether or not your will is valid. There are ways you can avoid this from happening.

1) You can claim your property with affidavits. You are going to need help from a Brea probate litigation lawyer to do this. What happens is sometimes the money a person leaves behind is less than a specific amount. An affidavit is a legal document that guarantees the beneficiary the right to the money. A bank can issue a warrant or legal copy agreeing to the money being left to that person.

2) Certain court procedures can also be reflected by probate. This is for people who leave behind smaller estates. The probate is still there, but the process is less painful. There is less control. Some of these simple court procedures are transparent enough for the person to handle it himself or herself. Sometimes, however, the estate plan is more complicated. That is when you need to hire Brea attorneys to help you.

3) There is the revocable living trust. The assets or property are held in a trust until the person dies. Those assets are free and clear once the person has died. The only downside is that you do need to pay taxes on some of the assets. You specify everything the way you might normally. The only difference is the trust seals it until that day comes.

4) You can do the pay-on-death option. This is where you fill out paperwork on where you want the assets to go. The money goes right to the person upon your death.

5) You can gift an asset to someone. They receive the gift once you die. You can also do a joint survivorship. That is when your partner gets the assets upon your death.

You cannot do this alone. Talk to a Brea probate lawyer at Fridley Law Firm about your options by clicking here.

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