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How Will Probate Affect My Beneficiaries?

The process of probate can be filled with complexities while estates are being settled. Not only can they become lengthy, but they are often filled with terminology that’s difficult to understand. For this reason, it isn’t surprising that many families look for help from a Brea probate attorney to help them with their probate issues that come up during these complicated times.

How long does the probate process usually take?

When a friend or family member passes away, you’ll need to deal with a myriad of issues including that individual’s estate. The length of probate is dependent upon whether or not the estate falls under independent administration or dependent administration. If it falls under independent administration, the court process is straightforward and shouldn’t be lengthy. However, if the estate falls under dependent administration, the length will depend on if you work with an experienced probate lawyer and have the need to go to probate court.

What happens when property goes through probate?

There are specific laws in each state governing the requirements for probate, and they’re referred to as probate codes. If someone passes away without a will, laws including interstate succession may be called upon. Even though laws vary from state to state, probate laws are typically similar. They’ll include authenticating the last will, appointing a representative, locating assets, determining values at the date of death, identifying creditors, paying bills, filing tax returns, and distributing the balance of the decedent’s estate to beneficiaries.

When should you contact an attorney?

If the estates are small, then it isn’t necessary to hire an estate attorney. However, there are still instances where the use of an executor would find an attorney beneficial. Under some circumstances, it can be challenging to find and understand probate rules. Probate litigation lawyers in Brea California relinquish the executor from any responsibilities if mistakes are made when property distribution occurs, or debts are paid off.

How can an attorney help?

There are many ways a probate attorney can help with the process including writing contracts, resolving conflicts, and with court proceedings. In addition to that, because when you’re working with a lawyer in Brea California, you’ll find that they have the experience and expertise you need to handle creditors and debt collectors in a stress-free manner.

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