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What does the Probate Process look like?

The probate process isn’t always complicated. Sometimes the process goes quickly and the estate is settled easily. When the estate of the deceased is complicated or there are individuals contesting the will probated, problems can arise to slow down the process.

Hiring a Brea Attorney for Probate Court 

A Brea attorney can help represent your best interests in probate court. If you have been left money in a will, or you need to contest a will that you believe is not right, an attorney can help reduce the amount of time you spend waiting. The probate court process begins with opening an estate and filing a will if there is one.

Named heirs are contacted in the case of a will, while the laws of intestate apply to the estate if a will doesn’t exist. The assets are discovered and the value of the estate is established.

When You are an Heir 

If the estate is large, you might receive part of your inheritance within a few months. Some of the assets will be held to make sure that all creditors have time to get paid by the estate. To get your final disbursement, you will likely have to wait a year.

When You are Left Out of a Will 

There are times when a will gets changed to an heir at the last minute, resulting in a caregiver or stranger inheriting instead of the family. If you believe that a dying family member was coerced into signing the will and was not of sound mind, you may have a chance at getting your rightful inheritance. You will need to hire an attorney to help you get the money you deserve if you have been left out of a will.

Get the Legal Help You Deserve 

If your probate process is going slow or is complicated, it’s time to contact a Brea probate litigation lawyer who can help. Call Fridley Law Firm today at 714-990-1520 and set up a free initial consultation to talk about the probate process and see how we can help you.

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