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Probate dispute? | How a Brea Probate Attorney can Help

Legal Assistance for Those Involved in Probate Disputes
Probate is the legal process by which the estate of a deceased person is evaluated and the wealth it contains is distributed to others. Disputes often occur during the probate process, which is a good reason for those involved to seek the services of a Brea probate attorney. This is one of the services provided by the Fridley Law Firm.

Defining an Estate

It is wise for individuals and couples to prepare a will while they are alive. This document will outline the wealth they own and how it will be distributed after they die. The wealth may be in many forms, including:

•Bank accounts
•Insurance policies
•Real estate

The executor is the person who should have been previously selected to handle the duties of evaluating the contents of the estate, notifying beneficiaries and distributing the assets. In the event that a valid will is not available, the executor will be chosen by a court.

The Probate Process

The evaluation and the distribution of an estate can be a lengthy process, and challenges often arise as to who gets how much of the wealth. Such disputes often, but not exclusively, involve members of the same family. Problems can also arise if taxes or debts have been imposed on the estate and need to be paid. Such difficulties will usually require legal intervention, with lawyers and court fees being paid by funds from the estate. However, it will take someone with legal expertise and knowledge of California’s laws to properly handle the probate process. This is why those facing such issues should seek help from a probate lawyer in Brea CA.

The Importance of Legal Representation

A Brea probate attorney can help eliminate or at least reduce much of the stress that can come from the probate process. A lawyer can provide assistance in everything from estate planning to the proper execution of a will. In order to ensure that they receive the treatment that they deserve, those involved in estate or probate matters should consider turning to the services available from the Fridley Law Firm.

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