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How Can A Probate Litigation Attorney Help You?

Few people are prepared for the immediate reality of probate litigation until it is far too late. Faced with time-sensitive tasks like funerals, life insurance, property issues and family disputes, the idea of launching a potentially weeks or months-long legal case is the furthest thing from most people’s minds.


The first thing you need to do if you are seeking advice about probate is to consult qualified Brea attorneys like those at the Fridley Law Firm and find out exactly where you stand legally. The two keys to preserving your family’s security and financial well being, rest in who was appointed Executor of the estate and the existence and legitimacy of the deceased’s will.

Setting the table for a probate case is very similar to sorting out the particulars in preparation for a bankruptcy. You need to know the who and the what as quickly as possible because your time is often limited by law.
If you encounter something like a breach of fiduciary duty, fraud or duress, you will need even more specialized advice and possibly representation in a separate cause of action.


In most states, the orderly processes of the court determine who receives the property of the deceased. This is often a simple operation of reading a will and following the wishes of its author. Occasionally there is a dispute which requires litigation to resolve. It is in cases like these the expertise of Brea lawyers like those at the Fridley law firm can be a potentially crucial resource.

Like most complex legal issues, navigating important choices without the advice of a qualified attorney is inadvisable. Even one mistake or one missed filing can cost you and your family far more than the cost of the right kind of advice.

Not all probate cases are potential financial disasters, but like an insurance policy, having a qualified probate litigation attorney involved is something you only miss when you’re facing the consequences of not being prepared. It’s just not worth it. Do not hesitate to get the help you need. Call an experienced probate litigation attorney right away.

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